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Edward Zhou
Software Engineer
"Qwak streamlines ML development from prototype to production, freeing us from infrastructure concerns and maximizing our focus on business value. "
Or Prager
Data Scientist
"Qwak's fully managed platform allowed us to deliver GPT models easily transforming our AI development process"
Elad Silvas
Data Science Manager
"We consider Qwak's user friendly platform a game changer which allowed us to build new LLM models without frustration and complicated processes."

Deliver High Quality Generative AI to Production

Build LLMs

Build or fine tune state of the art language models on your proprietary data, enhance model performance and create task specific LLMs.

Deploy at any scale

Easily deploy production ready language models for a multitude of use cases. Enable quick and scalable delivery of pre-built or custom language models.

LLM Monitoring

Built-in monitoring and analytics to continuously monitor LLM behaviour in real-time for all production use cases.

LLM Data Pipelines

Transform proprietary data to fine tune LLMs and vectorize data with Qwak embedding store for efficient vector search.

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