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The story behind Qwak

Four founders with a background in Software, Machine Learning Engineering and Business.

Under strategic positions at ML driven organizations such as Payoneer, Amazon, ironSource, and Wix.com we learned how ML can transform a businesses and why data & an ML driven approach are key to succeed in tomorrow's market. We all shared similar challenges during our separate journeys building ML Pipelines and we knew that designed correctly, we could equip our companies with a powerful solution to dramatically enhance business. The breakthroughs we were seeing were significant, and so the desire grew to add more talent and ML capabilities to our solutions.

we ran into a number of challenges:


Experienced data scientists and ML engineers are hard to find and expensive to hire.

Lacking tooling

The tools and solutions to manage ML pipelines from start to finish along with proper monitoring and automation are lacking.

Disconnected approach

The ad-hoc, disconnected approach to ML operations causes serious frustration, wasted time, and severely constrained throughput.

As such, our ability to move from model design to model implementation was constrained.

In a quest to improve this critical capability, we first looked for a platform that we could implement to accelerate our ML throughput. After striking out in this endeavor, we undertook to develop our own internal system.

After seeing the benefits we were delivering, we asked the question, how are other companies solving this problem?

We found that only the very large companies with sophisticated ML capabilities had developed their internal ML engineering platform.

Everyone else was struggling with the same problem inability to quickly take ideas, build ML models, and run them as part of their product in any reasonable time frame.

So, we got together...
left our respective companies, and set out to build the first ML Engineering platform


Companies where ML is increasingly important, and therefore speed to production is increasingly important too.

Core Competencies

Companies that want to focus on their core competencies, and don't want to spend their precious resources building and maintaining an ML Engineering Platform.


Companies that want more ML throughput, even with a scarcity of ML data scientists and ML engineers.

The Team

Alon Lev
VP Data & Site Manager
at Payoneer
Head of DB Infrastructure at Mamram unit, IDF
Yuval Fernbach
EMEA Machine Learning Specialist
at AWS
CTO at Mamram unit, IDF
Lior Penso
Business Development Manager
at AWS
BizDev at IronSource
Ran Romano
Data & Machine Learning Engineering
Manager at Wix
Software Engineer at VMware

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Leaders Fund is a Toronto based VC that invested in some of the world's leading startups like; Ada, Drata, Snyk, CallRail, Spot and many more.

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