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About Vector Store

Seamless Interface

The Vector Store provides a secure and efficient solution for data ingestion, transformation into embedding vectors, and storage.of your embedding vectors.

Embedding vector conversion

Qwak uses scalable embedding models deployed on the platform to convert data into embedding vectors.

Effortless vector search

Using a simple Python SDK or a REST API, you can access your entire dataset, to search, upsert or delete vectors. Easily create collections and store vectors of any dimension.

Automatic data ingestion

Simplified data ingestion, allows you to effortlessly bring your data into the platform. Use automated, scheduled ingestion jobs to bring data from any database (Snowflake, BigQuery, RedShift, etc.) and convert it to vectors.

Use Cases

Vector Pipelines

Ingest data from any data source, convert to embeddings vectors and perform vector operations, in either manual or automatic ways.

Vector Pipelines
Similarity search

Similarity search

Easily find similarities for applications such as recommendation engines to image retrieval, to deliver personalized and relevant experiences to users while maintaining high performance.

RAG -Retrieval Augmented Generation

Combine retrieval and generation components to fetch up-to-date or context-specific data from an external database, enhancing the performance and accuracy of LLMs and text generation tasks.

RAG -Retrieval Augmented Generation

Success stories using Vector Store

From our very first interaction, it was clear that Qwak understood our needs and requirements. Their platform enabled us to deploy a complex recommendations solution within a remarkably short timeframe. Moreover, Qwak is an exceptionally responsive partner, continually refining their solution.


We ditched our in-house platform for Qwak. I wish we had found them sooner.


Qwak streamlines AI development from prototype to production, freeing us from infrastructure concerns and maximizing our focus on business value.


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