Say Goodbye to Complex MLOps

A fully managed platform that unifies ML engineering and data operations - providing agile infrastructure that enables the continuous productionization of ML at scale.

Qwak model build interface
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The world’s best machine learning teams have chosen Qwak

Build high-quality ML simply.

Qwak is a fully managed, accessible, and reliable ML Platform. It allows builders to transform and store data, build, train, and deploy models, and monitor the entire Machine Learning pipeline. 
Pay-as-you-go pricing makes it easy to scale when needed.

Everything your ML needs to drive your business

Prepare and Store Data
Feature Store

Qwak Feature Store facilitates the discoverability, reuse, and accuracy of features for ML and delivers better and more accurate data for models at any stage of the pipeline at any given time.

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Qwak Model reposiroty interface

Register & Train Models Model Registry

Qwak Model Registry standardizes your ML project structure and automatically generates versions for data, code, and parameters on every model build.
Deliver Immutable & tested production grade artifacts continuously

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InferenceModel Deployment

Help teams deliver ML model services in a fast, repeatable, and scalable way—including advanced metrics, logging, and alerting capabilities.

Deploy models to production with one click.

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ObservabilityModel Monitoring

Collect, store and analyze your model's data centrally to fully monitor inference, feedback and baseline data.

A fully managed data lake that comes as an off-the-shelf product.

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Automate Pipelines
Pipeline Orchestrator

Configure triggers and take action based on model layers such as, infrastructure, data, and statistics.

Schedule Actions & Automate Pipelines.

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An MLOps Platform that Integrates with all stages of the model lifecycle and simplifies production. Execute your continuous ML Model delivery plans.

Qwak optimizes ML Model Production for
ML driven organizations.

Here is what our customers have to say about us:

"From the get go, it was clear that Qwak understand our needs and requirements. The simplicity of the implementation was impressive.
Automatic deployment and continuous training were crucial to allow us to scale. Qwak gave us a type of "Jenkins" for machine learning."

Shaked Zychlinksi Head of Recommendations Research

"Using Qwak allowed us to focus on creating a business impact rather than spending valuable time on our infrastructure setup.

At JLL our development is very time sensitive. As a result of implementing Qwak, we improved our execution time by 4.5X."

or hiltch
Orr Hiltch, Vice President of Engineering

"Qwak streamlines our machine learning development all the way from prototype to production, freeing us from infrastructure concerns and maximizing our focus on business value delivery."

Edward Zhou,
Software Engineer

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