Qwak for Snowflake customers

Qwak and Snowflake’s partnership simplifies model building, model deployment and centralizes your features in a powerful feature store.


As a Snowflake partner, Qwak has vast experience empowering ML engineers and data scientists who use Snowflake to achieve their most ambitious goals, using a managed MLOps platform.

Qwak architecture

Seamlessly transition from model building to deployment and subsequent data analysis within your Snowflake ecosystem using the Qwak platform.

Qwak orchestration

  • Use raw data from Snowflake, ingest it in a Spark-based transformation, and distribute it for online and offline use all within the Qwak platform.
  • Qwak orchestrates the flow and manages the infrastructure required for building, training and monitoring your models while providing real-time access and fast read-write operations.
  • Qwak handles the versioning and storage of large volumes of models and the ongoing performance and health monitoring of these models.

Leveraging Snowflake Services

Qwak leverages multiple Snowflake services, including storage, compute, logs, dockers, and more.
Snowflake Container Services

Snowflake Container Services

Qwak services management

Snowflake Data Cloud

Snowflake Data Cloud

Feature store and data ingestion

See the power of Qwak and Snowflake

Start your ML and AI journey with the power of Qwak and Snowflake.
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People ask me how I managed to deploy so many models while onboarding a new team within a year. My answer is: Qwak.