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Meet Qwak at Snowflake Data Cloud Summit 2024

Seamlessly deploy your models to production using Qwak’s scalable AI Infra platform, freeing you from the headache of infrastructure and operations. Say goodbye to complex AI Infra and start delivering today.

JUNE 3-6, 2024 | Booth #1323
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Crush your Goals in 2024

Join us for a personalized product demo.

Uncover how we can help you achieve your 2024 AI goals over drinks. Let's make this the year your AI projects thrive, focusing on improving your daily operations and boosting business performance. Stick around for networking with fellow AI professionals after.

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Qwak ❤️ Snowflake

Generative AI at Scale with Enhanced Data Capabilities

Snowflake and Qwak together offer seamless, efficient, and scalable solutions for generative AI. Leverage both platforms for improved data management, real-time updates, and advanced model fine-tuning.

Make sure to stop by our booth #1323 to see how!

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Meet our Founders

The Qwak co-founders are excited to meet you for a one-on-one discussion on machine learning.

Alon Lev
Alon Lev

Co-Founder & CEO

Over 12 years of data expertise and former VP of Data at Payoneer

Ran Romano
Ran Romano

Co-founder & CPO

Over 10 years of experience, former ML & Data Engineering Group Lead at Wix.com

Yuval Fernbach
Yuval Fernbach

Co-founder & CTO

Ex AWS, Sagemaker expert leading EMEA ML solutions

Lior Penso
Lior Penso

Co-founder & COO

Ex AWS, ML expert with over 15 years in business development

Qwak optimizes ML Model Production

“From our very first interaction, it was clear that Qwak understood our needs and requirements. Their platform enabled us to deploy a complex recommendations solution within a remarkably short timeframe. Moreover, Qwak is an exceptionally responsive partner, continually refining their solution.”
“We ditched our in-house platform for Qwak. I wish we had found them sooner.”
“Qwak streamlines AI development from prototype to production, freeing us from infrastructure concerns and maximizing our focus on business value.”