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Our customers

“We ditched our in-house ML platform for Qwak. I wish we had found them sooner.”
“Qwak streamlines ML development from prototype to production, freeing us from infrastructure concerns and maximizing our focus on business value.”
“People ask me how I managed to deploy so many models while onboarding a new team within a year. My answer is: Qwak.”
“With Qwak, our ML team efficiently manages and deploys various models, both batch and real-time. The addition of an observability and Vector DB layer has been a game-changer, allowing us to confidently bring 10 models into production. Qwak's robust and streamlined approach has significantly enhanced our operational efficiency.”
Happening (Superbet)
“Before Qwak, delivering a new ML model took weeks... Now the research team can work independently and deliver while keeping the engineering and product teams happy.”
Spot by NetApp
“Using Qwak allowed us to focus on creating value for customers and rather than spending valuable time on our infrastructure setup.”
“Our data science teams deliver end to end ML model services however building infrastructure is not our business focus and therefore Qwak were ideal for us”
“With Qwak's intuitive MLOps platform and AWS, we achieve operational efficiency and smarter personalized experiences. We get to make data-driven decisions impacting the customers and driving the company metrics.”