Enhanced Overview Dashboard and Model Instance Sizes

We’re thrilled to announce the release of our new features: Enhanced Overview Dashboard and Model Instance Sizes. These features make model deployment easier and more efficient than ever before.
Guy Eshet
Guy Eshet
Product Manager at Qwak
July 27, 2023
Enhanced Overview Dashboard and Model Instance Sizes

What's New?

We’re thrilled to announce the release of our new enhanced overview dashboard and model instance sizes capabilities. These features will make your ML model deployment with Qwak even  simpler. 

Enhanced Overview Dashboard

Track the progress of your ML models, monitor their performance, and stay updated on the latest activities. Additionally, gain valuable insights into your model's features, data sources, and connections.

The Enhanced Overview Dashboard is your one-stop solution for seamless model deployment and efficient model monitoring.

Goodbye manual tracking and hello simplified model management.

Qwak Overview Dashboard

Model Instance Sizes

Instance sizes allow simple selection of compute and memory resources when building and deploying models.  

Your model has unique requirements, so a range of model instance sizes could come handy. Choose between our general-purpose instances with varying amounts of CPU and memory, or from a selection of GPU based machines to build and deploy your models hassle free. 

Our platform now supports the latest NVIDIA H100 GPUs, in addition to  V100, A10G and T4 GPUs, allowing you to train and run AI models at scale at even greater performance.

Define your preferred instance type

Availability on AWS Marketplace

We recently made Qwak available on the AWS Marketplace!

Customers can now easily access and benefit from Qwak's MLOps platform and progress towards fulfilling their EDP commitment.

With this update, Qwak further solidifies its commitment to providing cost-effective and flexible solutions for MLOps on AWS. We encourage our customers to check out Qwak in the AWS Marketplace to learn more about how this integration can benefit their organization and streamline their MLOps on AWS. Read the full announcement blog.

Coming up!

We continue to listen to our customers' and In the coming weeks, we will be announcing the availability of additional new capabilities that will further enhance and ease the management of your ML model pipeline. 

Deployment Steps

The deployment steps feature aims to provide users with a transparent and informative deployment process. With this feature, users can now track the actions taking place behind the scenes while waiting for their model deployment to complete. By presenting a detailed deployment procedure, users can have a better understanding of the deployment status and troubleshoot any potential performance issues. This feature is designed to enhance the user experience and ensure a smooth and efficient deployment process. 

Qwak Timer

The Qwak Timer is an exciting upcoming feature that will greatly enhance the troubleshooting capabilities of your AI models. By analyzing prediction steps one by one, the Qwak Timer will provide a detailed and comprehensive overview of the model's performance. This powerful tool will allow users to identify any issues or bottlenecks in the model's prediction process, ultimately leading to improved AI and machine learning performance. 

Qwak is committed to continuously improving our platform and provide the best possible experience for our users.

If you want to learn more about these new features, please register to our free trial.

Chat with us to see the platform live and discover how we can help simplify your journey deploying AI in production.

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