Customer Story:

How Guesty uses Qwak for hyper speed ML model delivery

Guesty is a property management platform for short-term and vacation rentals. Guesty's solution simplifies the complex operational needs that property managers face on a daily basis.
Qwak was brought aboard to help enhance the team’s ML model to production time and eliminate the friction and dependence between data science teams and machine learning engineering.
Week to productionize
ML models
on engineering
About Guesty
Guesty automates and streamlines every aspect of the growing & changing rental business. With Guesty, property managers save time so they can focus on what matters most: growing their business.
Property management
Real Estate
Use Case:
Chat bot based on NLP model
Dynamic pricing based on XGboost
Qwak stack:
Build system
“Before Qwak we had no standard methodology for productionizing ML models. There was no alignment between the data science and engineering teams and we spent weeks analyzing code and solving errors. Basically, it was a huge mess"
Elad Silvas
Data Science Team Lead @ Guesty
The Challenge
Align data science teams and shorten model delivery timelines
  • Every model deployments required involvment of data engineering and DevOps teams which increased time to delivery dramatically
  • No centralized data science management capabilities created misalignment
  • Data Science teams were focused on engineering tasks rather than research and model building
See it in Action
How Qwak Assisted?
  • Qwak Build standardizes an ML delivery project structure. This allows every team member to receive the same code structure, data versioning and testing capabilities for every model version.
    Qwak Build creates alignment between the model projects and versions which in turn increases team members' confidence and empowers the teams to deliver models efficiently.
  • Qwak Hosting, allows Guesty data science to roll out real-time and batch model versions with a click of a button and without engineering efforts.
  • Qwak Analytics allows Guesty data science to investigate predicitions data  any stage any time.
“We loved the fact that Qwak's support was available for us 24/7 and error resolution took no more than a few minutes. Before we used Qwak  just researching the source of an error took days”
Elad Silvas
Data Science Team lead @ Guesty

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