Product Overview

Qwak’s Feature Store allows data scientists (DSs) and machine learning (ML) engineers to collaborate effectively and quickly among themselves and with the R&D organization. It’s an easy way to develop features using batch and real-time data sources and serve them in production instantly. Discover and reuse available feature sets for their entities, instead of re-creating the same or similar ones.

The Main Pillars

Feature Collaboration

allows DSs and ML engineers to share features between projects.

Training-Serving Skew

systematically ensures the matching between online and offline generated features.

Source of Truth

provides a single and discoverable source of truth for features to be used by models.

Getting Started

Easily create new features with Qwak SDKs and register them to the Qwak platform using the Qwak CLI. For more information.

Feature Store Use Cases

Reduce dependency

Build features once and use the same definition for both training and serving. Never worry about how features are passed to your model at inference time.

Productize features

Build scalable and high-performing feature pipelines.

Features observability

Any feature that has been managed through the Qwak
Feature Store is automatically exposed to Qwak Analytics capabilities.

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