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Pipeline Orchestrator

Configure triggers and take action based on model layers such as infrastructure, data, and statistics.

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Pipeline Orchestrator Overview

Qwak Pipeline Orchestrator allows configuring triggers based on model “layers,” infrastructure, data, and statistics. Pipeline Orchestrator allows executing actions based on either Qwak internal triggers, such as retrain & deployment, or external APIs and third-party applications.

Pipeline Orchestrator ensures your models are always tended to provide a unique self-healing capability.

The Main Pillars


Trigger on any metric/data point in the Qwak System.


Integrate with third-party solutions and monitoring solutions.

Dynamic Actions

Run Qwak operations directly from the automation system.

Getting Started

Pipeline Orchestrator allows setting up alerts and actions for any trigger
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Pipeline Orchestrator
Use Cases

Automatic Pipelines

Automatically trigger a pipeline once a model metric of your choosing drops under a certain threshold.

Configure Alerts

Receive alerts on model infrastructure metrics and stream them to your existing monitoring stack (PagerDuty, OpsGenie, etc.).

Schedule Periodic Actions

Schedule a pipeline, for example, to retrain a model once a day/week/month/etc.

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