Use events that happen inside Qwak (such as a degradation in model performance) to trigger actions (like re-building and deploying a new version of the model).


Product Overview

Qwak Automations allows configuring triggers based on all the different model “layers,” infrastructure, data, and statistics. They also allow you to run actions — whether they’re Qwak internal like triggering a Qwak Build (retrain and log version) & deployment, or external (like calling external APIs and integrating with third-party applications). Using Qwak Automation allows you to make sure your models are always under watch and can also heal themselves and revert to  below the threshold you’ve defined. Qwak Automation is crucial when models are part of the production environment.

The Main Pillars


Trigger on any metric/data point in the Qwak System.


Integrate with third-party solutions and monitoring solutions.

Dynamic actions

Run Qwak operations directly from the automation system.

Getting Started

To add an automation, go to the specific model you’d like to set up alerts on, and then move to the Automations tab to see the different features.

Automation Use Cases

Automatic pipelines

Automatically trigger a pipeline once a model metric of your choosing drops under a certain threshold.

Configure alerts

Receive alerts on model infrastructure metrics and stream them to your existing monitoring stack (PagerDuty, OpsGenie, etc.).

Schedule periodic actions

Schedule a pipeline, for example, to retrain a model, once a day/week/month/etc.

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