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The Qwak ML Platform

We offer multiple editions of our ML engineering service.  QPU (Qwak Processing Units)
based pricing , per-minute with no long-term commitment. Contact us below.
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One platform, many use cases, zero friction.


Qwak build system adds “traditional” build processes to machine learning (ML) models and allows data scientists to build an immutable and tested production-grade artifact.

Qwak build system standardizes an ML project structure that automatically versions data, code, and parameters for every model build.



Qwak Serving allows deployment of scalable models to production with one click, which reduces the friction between data science and engineers.

Qwak Serving enables teams to deliver prediction services in a fast, repeatable, and scalable way, including advanced metrics, logging, and alerting capabilities.


Inference Lake

Qwak Inference Lake is a fully managed data lake that comes as an off-the-shelf product with the Qwak Platform. In Qwak Inference Lake you can find all your inference, feedback, and baseline data for each model and its different versions (aka builds).

The Qwak Inference Lake data can be accessed directly via the Qwak SQL interface on the Analytics page, or via any other query or data processor engine.


Feature Store

Qwak’s Feature Store allows data scientists (DSs) and machine learning (ML) engineers to collaborate effectively and quickly among themselves and with the R&D organization. It’s an easy way to develop features using batch and real-time data sources and serve them in production instantly. Discover and reuse available feature sets for their entities, instead of re-creating the same or similar ones.



Qwak Automations allows configuring triggers based on all the different model “layers,” infrastructure, data, and statistics. They also allow you to run actions — whether they’re Qwak internal like triggering a Qwak Build (retrain and log version) & deployment, or external (like calling external APIs and integrating with third-party applications). Using Qwak Automation allows you to make sure your models are always under watch and can also heal themselves and revert to  below the threshold you’ve defined. Qwak Automation is crucial when models are part of the production environment.