Qwak for AWS Partners

Qwak enables AWS customers to simplify their end-to-end machine learning lifecycle, by enabling data scientists to build, train and deploy their models in a frictionless manner.

AWS Partners

As an AWS Partner, Qwak has vast experience helping data science teams using AWS to achieve their most ambitious goals, with a powerful MLOps (Machine Learning Operations) platform, hosted on AWS.

Qwak architecture

Control Plane: Managed in Qwak’s cloud, handles non-sensitive metadata. It communicates with, and delegates sensitive operations (such as models and data operations), to the data plane.

Data Plane: Hosts the model repository, Feature Store, Qwak Inference Lake, and handles the model and data operations (model building, deployment, feature creation, etc).

Amazon Sagemaker

Leveraging AWS Services

Qwak leverages multiple AWS services, including storage, compute, logs, dockers, and more. Contact us to learn more about building ML on AWS.

Amazon ECR

For docker container registry

Amazon EKS

For Qwak services management

Amazon EC2

For compute resources

Amazon S3

For model output data storage

Amazon SageMaker

For notebooks management

Amazon ElastiCache

For models and logs management


For Qwak feature store streaming

AWS Partners

Integrated with your EDP

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